Our Mission

To upgrade online and offline business models of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) worldwide and enabling consumers to own and monetise their data.

The TOOL Ecosystem solves big data pain points (openness, sharing, circulation, privacy issues) that businesses & consumers face.

What We Do

We created the TOOL ecosystem to build a transparent, secure and distributed big data platform that allows all participating businesses to share users and data in order to better understand, attract and retain users.

How it works


Businesses can purchase BTs and hand them out as incentives to customers on the ecosystem to gather specific data that they need, or as rewards when customers engage with their advertisements. Already have a fully functioning app or e-commerce? We can do an integration with a simple API call.


All transactions on the ecosystem will be converted to appropriate behavioral value tags (e.g. BT). These BTs can be accumulated to be exchanged for products, services, or OLO tokens, which can be used to make payments in the ecosystem and/or stored for appreciation.

Core Team

CEO and Founder

Ben graduated with computer science degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He was an early pioneer of Java and Linux technology in Singapore when working for the National Computer Board and Elixir Technology. He led major groundbreaking technical development projects for organizations like MAS, Citibank, GIC, MOE. During the dot com era, he led a startup team to create AsiaPaperMarkets.com, a mega B2B platform for the paper industry. He also served in HP as the business development manager for South East Asia. He has very deep experience working in Asia, especially the China market. In 2016, Ben started his research into blockchain technology. In 2017 he established IBD Technology in Singapore. His goal is to build a global data sharing and application platform, to allow users to really own their data.

User Experience Officer

Sady takes care of the overall user experience of the TOOL customers, as well as the platform's operations. He is a vision-driven entrepreneur with long record of business growth and innovation. From the joy and fulfilment of creating epicurean spectacles in New York to business management and operations consulting for establishments helmed by Michelin-starred celebrity chef in Singapore, Sady has a keen eye for picking out the winners among the crowd.


Ian Chan was a tech solution leader who design, create, strategize and produce many products, applications, software and business solutions. As a consultant, he has worked with many thought leaders to bring their ideas and platforms to life. His solution extends to many sectors and topics including: Financial, Manufacturing, Logistics, Commerce, Retail, Hospitality, Telecom, Banking, Public Sector, Identity & Security, Data Warehouse and Analytics.

With 28 years' experience in getting Technology and Operation to work harmoniously, he has an extensive career in providing technology solution. He last served as the Business Development Director for a Myanmar tech distribution giant.

Today, Ian is a Blockchain and CryptoMining enthusiast; and a keen advocator on this technology. He has shared many knowledge and idea on Blockchain and CryptoMining in meetings, seminars and forums. He was also interviewed by Channel News Asia & BBC Radio on the same topics.

Ian had studied at the Victoria University in Australia and earned a Master degree in Professional Accounting.

Technology Advisor

Andras is a technology and blockchain expert. With over 20 years’ experience in IT, building scalable systems, he has collaborated with the biggest players of the digital currency world such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple on the blockchain implementation, and co-authored with Professor David Lee Kuo Chuen in writing the Handbook of Digital Currency. Andras has entrepreneurial and technical background in a number of projects, such as: Viki.com (worth $230M), Yahoo Southeast Asia, Tembusu, Smartgrow and Yojee. Andras is CTO of a Singaporean startup named Yojee, which caters distributed logistics services for collaborative economies. The level of expertise that Andras has acquired throughout his career as IT professional, entrepreneur and founder of numerous companies makes him a very knowledgeable specialist in the sphere of distributed technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Investment Advisor

George graduated from Manchester School of Business with an MBA. After years of successes in corporate management roles and creating startups, he came to Singapore to kick start Fundnice P2P micro-loan company. He now heads the non-profit blockchain technology foundation BCF, which aims to be your “closest crypto-blockchain circle”.

Management Advisor

Keith Lim is the Founder and CEO of two private companies, and a MNC corporate leader with more than 15 years of management experiences.

In 2012, Keith co-founded Thoughts Igniter, which was a fast growing mobile payment platform in Asia with strategic partnerships with Alipay China and Bank Mandiri Indonesia. Thoughts Igniter was subsequently acquired by a global leader in coupon management.

Following Thoughts Igniter, Keith founded Hearti Lab. Hearti is an Artificial Intelligent and Blockchain platform for insurance companies. With Hearti, insurance companies are able to offer innovative products, 24/7 customer service chatbots, efficient claims management, smart fraud detection and seamless payments.

Previously, Keith was the Managing Director with Moody’s Analytics, a subsidiary of Moody’s Inc which employs approximately 9,500 people worldwide. Keith was responsible for the company’s behaviour modelling and analytics software business in Asia Pacific region. Keith is also a key speaker at major conferences and authors articles for major technology news channels in Asia.

Investment Advisor

David is an active investor and corporate partner of an investment company. He was the VP of German-Sino Chamber of Commerce, CEO of Kobe (China). He was awarded with International Investment Advisor licence in 2009. He now focuses his attention on blockchain related capital finance and marketing.

David is responsible for building and managing the TOOL ecosystem in ASEAN. We believe the importance of a healthy and vibrant ecosystem for OLO in helping merchants and retailers grow their businesses and attract good loyal customers. We therefore will partner with local leaders and institutes to build and grow these ecosystems in ASEAN and beyond.


IBD Technology is legally responsible for the development, promotion, and operation of TOOL and its applications, and bears all relevant responsibilities deriving therefrom. The main purpose of the TOOL open community is to attract and serve technology developers and institutions, and to constantly optimize and upgrade the TOOL ecosystem, including its development tools and applications. IBD Technology has partnered with WOLOT Foundation to develop, maintain and promote the TOOL open community.